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BinarySense Inc. is one of the leading companies in the development software for hard drive failure analysis and prediction. It was founded in 2005 by several specialists that had worked for other companies developing similar utilities. Thus, a highly professional staff of people knowing the subject quite well was formed. This became the basis for creating a truly convenient and reliable program devoid of many drawbacks inherent in most competitors.

Our main software title - HDDlife, used by hundrends thousand people over world. HDDlife® is a convenient and functional program allowing you to completely monitor the state of the hard drive on your computer. With this program, it is possible to control all important changes in the state of the hard drive and thus protect the safety of your personal data!



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Single PC $19
Family (5 PCs) $95 $49
Notebook $25
(Pro & Notebook)
$44 $39
SSD Life $15
SSD Life for Ultrabooks $20

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