H D D l i f e

HDDlife Features

HDDlife screenshotEasy to Use
Home users will find HDDlife simple and pleasant to use, while system administrators will appreciate its advanced and powerful features. HDDlife knows everything about your disks and shares its knowledge with you in your favorite way - from seeing the well-being of your hard drives at a glance to getting remote notifications about developing problems over a network.

Hard Drive Health Control with S.M.A.R.T.
HDDlife controls the health of your hard drives with the S.M.A.R.T. technology, and warns you about potential problems the moment they start developing. Prevent data loss by discovering a possible hard drive failure before it happens!

Continuous Monitoring and Regular Checkups
HDDlife monitors your hard drive's health and performance in the background - all the time! You can set your own check-up schedule to prevent performance degradation and untimely warnings.

See It Right the First Time with JustNow!™
HDDlife employs a trademarked unique technology called JustNow!™ that allows you to see the health and performance of your hard drives immediately when you start HDDlife. JustNow!™ displays the health and performance figures as a percentage of a brand new disk. No more waiting for a lengthy surface scan! No need to monitor your hard drives for an extended period of time. No competing products can do the same!

Protect Your Backups
HDDlife supports external hard drives connected over USB. You'll see immediately if your backups are in danger because of a problem developing in an external drive!

Save Power
HDDlife is not limited to monitoring your disk's health. It can cut your power bills by reducing your disk's power consumption - a truly unique feature which is invaluable if you are managing a bunch of computers!

HDDlife screenshotControl Noise Levels
Did you know that hard drives have supported the noise control technology for many years without letting you know? The AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management) technology found in all modern hard drives allows adjusting your disk's noise levels, but there's no way to access it from Windows - except HDDlife! If your computer sits in a bedroom, you'll certainly appreciate the ability to easily silence your hard drives by enabling a silent mode without sacrificing too much performance. HDDlife allows you to fine-tune your disk's noise level and adjust noise vs. performance the way you like.

HDDlife screenshotSee Your Drive's Health and Performance Anywhere!
HDDlife displays your drive's health, working temperature, amount of free space, and performance numbers in a convenient manner thanks to just another trademarked technology - AnywhereView™. AnywhereView™ replaces the standard Windows disk icons that you see in My Computer and other Explorer windows, and while opening or saving documents in all Windows programs such as Microsoft Word or even Notepad. Instead of the standard icons, you'll see the dynamic versions provided by HDDlife that display the health of your disks as a convenient percentage bar. Even if you miss the warnings, you'll still see the problem when it starts developing.

A Digital Thermometer for Your Hard Drive
HDDlife monitors and displays your drive's working temperature. Why is this important? Because even a moderate increase in working temperature results in a drastic decline of your drive's performance. HDDlife shows your drive's temperatures in the system tray, and will display a warning if the drive overheats.

Free Space Monitor
One other thing monitored and reported by HDDlife is the free space available on your hard drives. Once there is too little free space on a disk, its performance declines rapidly. With this information handy you'll be able to free the necessary space and prevent the performance drop.

HDDlife screenshotHow Old Is Your Disk?
Buying a used hard drive can be a gamble. You never know how long it's been used. HDDlife removes the uncertainty by displaying for you the exact time the hard disk has been used - and that's on any disk, not just those that were monitored! HDDlife does not need to monitor your hard drives to collect this information. Instead, it reads the use time directly from the drive's internal memory.

Remote Health and Performance Monitoring for Network Administrators
Are you a system administrator managing multiple PCs? You can easily prevent hard drive failures on all computers in your network. Prevent problems instead of repairing them! HDDlife can deliver warnings on the drive's health and performance by email or over the network. You will see the pre-failure state of a hard drive, and will have a chance to replace it before it gets out of order. If the performance of a disk declines because of overheating or low free space, you'll get a warning delivered to you in the most convenient manner.

´ (available only in the professional version (HDDlife Pro). For details look the comparison table.)