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SSD (solid-state drives) support
The abrupt increase in the price of hard drives due to the flood in Thailand drew users' attention to fast but expensive SSDs (solid-state drives). The combination of "fast boot SSD + HDD with data" is becoming more and more widespread. In this case, it's only natural to want to control both disks from one program – and this program is HDDLife! The new version supports SSDs from all major manufacturers and shows the precise state of solid-state drives taking into account the peculiarities of their operation.

Improved interface
The comfortable and clear interface of HDDLife has become even better! We have rearranged the main information window of the program and added drive manufacturers' logos. As a result, the HDDLife interface awarded multiple times for the best design still remains comfortable and at the same time it has a new look and is now clearer!

Fixed bugs
We have paid special attention to detecting and fixing bugs in the program. In particular, we have managed to find and fix the most unpleasant bug - "freezing" while waking up on some computers.

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