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At present, most notebooks are owned by specialists and managers and used as convenient tools. You can carry a notebook with you everywhere, having a kind of a “mobile office” at hand. So very often portable computers store quite valuable information. At the same time, it’s no secret that the hard disk is one of the most vulnerable parts of a notebook. Frequent shakes, possible falls and continuous operation under high temperature negatively influence the reliability of hard disks. So constant monitoring of your hard disk's condition is really quite necessary.

Actually, notebooks are ordinary computers. So you can use any programs that normally monitor hard disk “health” and temperature on them. However, there are some peculiarities that such programs often do not take into account. First, the temperature in notebooks is often higher than the temperature of a desktop PC, which could lead to the appearance of a false alarm notification. Second, most programs don’t take into account the fact that a notebook can operate in an energy saving mode. In this case, their frequent checks will “wake it up”, and power consumption will grow dramatically.

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Therefore, it’s better to use special software for monitoring hard disks in notebooks. HDDlife for Notebooks is the first program that takes into account all the peculiarities of the operation of a laptop computer. We should particularly mention that our program can detect different power schemes, so if one of them is applied, the program will not “wake up” the notebook. This helps to increase the performance of the notebook considerably without reducing the reliability of the monitoring.

HDDlife for Notebooks has all the features of HDDlife Pro. It helps not only to monitor hard disk health and temperature, but also to adjust the noise level, view the amount of free space, and find out how long a disk has been operating. Of course, our unique JustNow™ and AnywhereView™ technologies are applied in HDDlife for Notebooks. This make the monitoring of hard disks very simple and convenient.

Our software product protects the notebook owner from loss of valuable data caused by technical problems in hard drives. The program costs 49 USD, a very minor amount compared to the losses one can suffer if a hard drive is damaged.

Main features of HDDlife for Notebooks:

  • Monitoring hard disk health using the S.M.A.R.T. (SMART) technology.
  • Constant background monitoring of the of hard disk state taking into account the power scheme.
  • Displaying the hard disk temperature.
  • Providing information about free space on the disk.
  • Displaying information about the hard disk performance.


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