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 Hard drive health monitoring for IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI drives

JustNow! is a completely new technology that allows you to find out the state of health and performance rate of your hard drives immediately both when you start the program for the first time and when you start it again! There is no need to control disks over a long period of time! No analogous software allows it! Thanks to this technology, HDDlife also shows the health and performance level in percentage as compared to a new disk.

JustNow™ - show health status immediately after first run
Multilingual interface
Check the Internet weekly for a new version

HDDlife will run a small program once a week to check for a new version on the Internet. If the new version of HDDlife is found, it offers you to download and install it.

Automatic program update via Internet
Detailed information about the health and performance percentage

The professional version of HDDlife shows detailed information about the health and performance percentage of the hard drive in the progress bar, the free version shows only the overall state of the drive.

Detailed information about the health and performance percentage
A thermometer for your disk

HDDlife can show you the highest temperature the disk has reached for the entire period of its work (in case the disk supports this feature). It will allow you to determine how the disk has been working so far, whether it has ever been overheated before and whether it will have failures in the future.

Show hard drives temperature
Hard drive health

In this case you can see in the system tray the graphic information about the health of every hard drive on your computer. In this example, you can see the information about three disks. One of them is quite healthy, the second one is in the urgent state, and the third one is in the critical condition and should be immediately replaced.

Show hard drive health in the system tray
Health and performance simultanously.

The health and life state of each hard drive will be displayed under the temperature numbers in the system tray next to the clock. You can get more detailed information by just moving the mouse pointer over the corresponding icon..

Simultanously show temperature and hard drive health
AnywhereViewT technology - monitoring the health of hard drives in any program

Another exclusive development from the BinarySense company that you will not find in products from our competitors allows you to constantly see the state of your hard drives in a convenient way. The icon representing their health is displayed directly on the icons of the hard drives in all programs on your computer – from the My Computer :

and to the "Open File" dialog box of any program - Word, Notepad:

AnywhereViewT technology
Show a hint in the tray only if something is wrong

After the program checks the health of your hard drives according to the schedule, a hint appears in the system tray - see the screenshot to the right. If this mode is on, this hint will appear only if the health of some hard drive is not good. No hint will be displayed if everything is alright. Thus, HDDlife will not distract your attention from your work and will disturb you only if it detects any problems.

Show warnings only in case if hard drive health not ok
Remote monitoring and notifications

Monitoring the health of hard drives on networks in enterprises is also a fairly important issue. Repairing a computer after a hard drive failure can take much time of highly qualified and expensive personnel. HDDlife allows you to detect the pre-failure state of a hard drive and replace it before it gets out of order. Network administrators can configure the parameters for notifying about the dangerous state of hard drives. Such notifications can be sent over the network (similar to net send...) or by e-mail, which makes monitoring as remote as you need it.

Send warning via network message
Send warning via e-mail message
 Specific notebook hard drives working environment support
 Power saving modes of notebook hard drives support
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