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Main features

HDDlife is a useful program that will allow you to control the health of your hard drive using an intuitive interface . Simply run the program and it will show you the list of your disks with the percentage of their health left, display their temperatures as well.

Main features
     • Controlling the health of your hard drives using the S. M. A. R. T. technology
     • Constantly monitoring the state of your hard drives in the background mode
     • Displaying the temperature of your hard drives

Features - detailed

Screenshot of disk informationUsability
One of the main tasks that we solved during the development of HDDlife was to make it as simple and comfortable for a user as possible. Using as few technical terms as possible and displaying the information about the health and life of your hard drives in the most comprehensible way - this was our main goal. And we think we achieved it since you can evaluate the state of your hard drives literally at a glance.

Unique technologies
HDDlife features a number of technologies developed exclusively by the BinarySense company.

JustNow! is a completely new technology that allows you to determine the state of health and performance rate of your hard drives immediately, both when you start the program for the first time and when you start it again! Thanks to this technology, HDDlife also shows the health and performance level in percentage terms as compared to a new disk.

Screenshot of disk icons in My ComputerAnyView™ - monitoring the health of hard drives in any program´
Another exclusive development from the BinarySense company (that you will not find in products from our competitors) allows you to constantly monitor the state of your hard drives in a convenient way. The icon representing drive health is displayed directly on the icons of the hard drives in all programs on your computer – from the My Computer window with the list of drives and to the "Open File" dialog box of any program - Word, Notepad, etc. You will never forget about the health of your hard drives and about the safety of your data!

Information message on the system tray iconPrevention
We always want to know about troubles and problems that are in store for us beforehand. The regular and constant use of HDDlife will allow you to find out about a possible hard drive failure before it happens and to prevent your personal data from being lost.

Regular preventative checks
HDDlife can work in the background mode checking and controlling the health of your hard drives and the safety of your data at certain time intervals. At the same time, it uses as little memory as possible and does not annoy you with unnecessary messages.

disk performance evaluationDisk performance control
To be able to work efficiently, you must know not only the health but also the performance rate of your hard drive. With HDDlife, you will be able to see when it approaches a critical level and have time to replace your hard drive before it becomes too slow and paralyzes your work.


Disk free space info (with AnywhereView™ support)
disk space informationPhotos, presentations, home video – these and more occupy a lot of space on the disks of your computer. Only yesterday everything worked normally and now the computer is slowing down, documents cannot be saved, constant error messages about «not enough space…» appear on the screen.
To prevent such situations, we added the feature of controlling free disk space to the new version of HDDlife. Complete information about all partitions of your hard drives (the name, file system, total size, free (available) space) is displayed.
Of course, the AnywhereView™ technology supports displaying information about free space in any application – from the «My Computer» window to the «Open File» dialog box in Microsoft Word, etc.

notification settingRemote monitoring and notifications´
Monitoring the health of hard drives on networks in enterprises is also a fairly important issue. Repairing a computer after a hard drive failure is too expensive and takes too much time. HDDlife allows you to detect the pre-failure state of a hard drive and replace it before it fails. Network administrators can configure the parameters for notification about the dangerous state of hard drives. Such notifications can be sent over the network (similar to net send...) or by e-mail, which makes monitoring a breeze.

Interface in your native language
HDDlife supports a multilingual interface. All messages, menus, summaries, settings are now available in many popular languages. The standard distribution package of HDDlife includes 14 popular languages. New languages are constantly added.

´ - available only in the professional version (HDDlife Pro)

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