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HDDlife icon types

Depending on the HDDlife settings, there may be three kinds of icons:

Icons with the temperature of each disk1. The icon with the temperature and the remaining health and lifespan percentage for each hard drive.

A separate icon of this type is used for every hard drive on your computer. Example:
In this example, you can see information about three disks. For each of them you can see the current temperature and the remaining health and lifespan percentage.

Temperature is one of the most important parameters in the operation of a hard drive. According to the information from manufacturers, an increase of 10°C (from 40 to 50) in the temperature of a hard drive makes it work twice as slow. This is why it is so important to control this temperature. We recommend that you keep a normal working temperature not more than 45°С . The temperature can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your preferences.

The percentage of remaining life is the information about the health and life of your hard drive. You can see it in the icon as a small progress bar. The longer the bar is, the better the health of your hard drive is. The shorter it is, the worse the health is. This indicator is completely identical to the “disk health” item in the main program window.

If you hover the mouse over any of the icons, you will see an additional hint message with information about the disk – its model, size (volume) in gigabytes, the percentage of its remaining health and performance.

A hint about disk problemsA left click on the icon of any disk opens the main program window with the tab containing the information about this disk.

For example, let's move the pointer to the disk ...

and left-click it and we will see the window:

Disk information tab

As you see, the tab with the information about this disk is already selected.


Disk temperature icons2. The icon with the temperature and the temperature criticality indicator.

This variant is almost the same as the previous one, but instead of health percentage, the visual indicator showing how dangerously the hard drive is heated is displayed below the temperature. It smoothly changes from green to red as the temperature changes from normal to critical.

Icons with disk health information3. The icon of the life status for each disk.

In this case, you will see graphic information about the health of every hard drive on your computer. Example:

In this example, you can see the information about three disks. One of them is quite healthy, the second one is in an urgent state, and the third one is in the critical condition and should be immediately replaced.

As in the previous example, you can open the main program window with information about a disk by left-clicking its icon.


One icon for all disks3. Common program icon.

You can see only the HDDlife icon in the system tray. No information about the life and health of your disks is displayed there.

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