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The Visual section contains various parameters defining the visual representation of how HDDlife works. Here you can see three main modes for visual representation of the information about your hard drives. You can select only one of them.

Settings for tray icon display options

Show only main program icon.
Only one main program icon will be displayed in the system tray. A right click on it opens the HDDlife menu for accessing the main functions of the program.


Show hard drive life in the system tray
If you select this mode, the health and life state of each hard drive will be displayed in the system tray next to the clock. You can get more detailed information by just hovering the mouse over the corresponding icon.

Tray icon - Disk Health Status

Show one icon for healthy drives

If this mode is enabled, HDDlife will show only one icon for all healthy hard drives thus saving space in the system tray.

For instance, if you have three hard drives and all three are healthy, only one icon with the green shield will be displayed. If one of your disks is in the dangerous state, two icons will be displayed - green and yellow.


Show hard drive temperature
If you select this mode, the temperature for each hard drive is displayed in the system tray. Temperature is one of the most important parameters of a hard drive. It directly influences the lifespan and performance rate of a drive, and that is why it is really important to monitor it regularly.
It is recommended that you have this mode on.

Show life status progress bar.
If this mode is on (the checkbox is selected), the life status of your hard drive will be shown below its temperature in the form of a small progress bar. A bigger bar means good health, a small one or none at all means poor health.
It is recommended that you have this mode on.



ow temperature level indicator (The icon with the temperature and the temperature criticality indicator)
This option is practically the same as the previous one, but instead of the health percentage, the visual indicator shows how dangerously hot the hard drive is. The indicator smoothly changes from green to red if the temperature changes from normal to critical.

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