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Warnings (Notifications) - Bindings

Matching notifications

In this section you can customize correspondences between events and notification types. In plain words, which events trigger which notifications. For instance, certain notifications will be activated if there is critical overheating, and others will be activated if the health of the drive is in danger.

HDDlife version 2.5 implements a new way of configuring notifications making this process easy and clear. All possible notification configurations are presented in the table, all you have to do is enable the notification you need and disable those that you do not need.

Events are divided into groups in the first column – health, temperature, free space – and the columns to the right contain types of notifications. To enable some particular notification, just click the cell where the necessary event intersects the necessary notification type and it will light a green circle indicating that the notification is enabled. Another click disables it and the circle becomes gray.

For instance, to enable a network notification when the disk temperature is critical, you should click the cell located in the «Network» column and in the «Critical» row of the Temperature group.

Network and e-mail notifications do not work in the free version...that is why these cells are gray and unavailable.

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