H D D l i f e

How to create your own skin?
It's quite simple!

1. You should draw an image containing disk, health and free space icons in one png file. You can see a sample file to the right or you can download it at the bottom of the page.
All icons in the file have the following size: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16. The order of icons in the file:

  1. Disk icon.
  2. 100% free space icon.
  3. 80% free space icon.
  4. 60% free space icon.
  5. 40% free space icon.
  6. 20% free space icon.
  7. 0% free space icon.
  8. Health icon (health - ОК).
  9. Possible problem icon (health - ATTENTION!)
  10. Dangerous disk icon (health – DANGER!).

The resulting icon consists of the disk icon and the corresponding free space and health icons combined together.

2. Make a short comment on the skin - for instance, mentioning the author :) - in a plain text file with the same name as the png file, but with the .info extension.

3. Pack both files (png & info) into a zip archive with the same name as these files.

4. Change the archive extension from .zip to .hddlifeskin.
Thus, if you create a skin called MySkin, for instance, you must get the file MySkin.hddlifeskin, which is a zip archive with two files in it - MySkin.png and MySkin.info

That's all, your skin is ready!

You can try it on your computer. To do this, just copy your skin into the skins subfolder of the folder where HDDlife is installed and then enable it in the settings!

If you want to make this skin available to other users as well, send it to us at [email protected] and we will publish it on our site!

Files to download:

Sample skin
A blank template for placing skin icons