Keeping Your Files Protected with a Hard Drive Monitor

Summary: Hard drive failure can happen to anyone at any time but if you have a hard drive monitor you’ll know when your computer and your valuable data is at risk so you can take preventative action.

The hard drive on your computer is one of its most important components. When the hard drive fails, not only does the computer stop working but all of the files saved to it are lost, usually permanently. In most cases, the failure doesn’t come with advanced notification the average user is going to see. That’s why users need a hard drive monitor that can keep them updated on the health of their drive so they can take action before it’s too late.

The Consequences of Hard Drive Failure
Imagine sitting at your computer, browsing the Internet, downloading music, sharing digital photos, or finishing up your work for the day. All of these things you’ve invested time and money into are saved on the hard drive inside the computer. Your computer seems to be working fine. Then all of sudden the screen goes black. You try to reboot. You try everything you can think of but your hard drive has failed for one of numerous possible reasons. And it took all of those files and downloads with it.

Of course, the scenario would have been different if you had a hard drive monitor. The monitor would have alerted you that the health of your hard drive was poor so you would have a chance to purchase a replacement, back up all of your files, and/or have the problem corrected before the failure cost you all of your important files, programs, bookmarks, photos, music, games, and more.

The average computer does have a basic form of hard drive monitor. But you only receive notification of a problem when the hard drive is in critical condition so you may not have enough time to take the necessary precautions. Another drawback is that the monitor only runs during the computer’s start-up. If you spend a lot of time on your computer or don’t turn your system off frequently, this version of a hard drive monitor might never alert you to the problem.

The Better Solution
HDDlife Pro is a more advanced hard drive monitor that provides the information you need in time for you to do something about it. Instead of just running at start-up, the program can run all the time to continually update you on the status of your hard drive. You can receive notifications of problems in multiple ways, including by email and through the network. Not only does HDDlife Pro let you monitor the health of your hard drive, but it also lets you tweak its settings. You can decrease the power consumption of your drive or even make it run quieter. With this program, you’ll easily be able to learn about a potential hard drive problem before that problem leads to complete failure and loss of files. You can even use the program to check the status of your USB hard drives – the ones most commonly used as back-ups for valuable information and data you don’t want to lose. Hard drive failure can affect them, too, but this program will notify you before that happens so you can protect your data before it’s too late.



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