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One of the unique features in HDDlife is the AnywhereView™ technology which allows HDDlife to display the health state of hard drives and the percent of free space on them in any program. In this version we improved this technology and now it allows users to change the way this data is displayed!
Now HDDlife can use skins in the AnywhereView™ technology – you can select the skin you like best and download new skins from our site as soon as they are published .
It is also possible to write your own skins! The complete guide is available at our site: https://hddlife.com/eng/how-to-create-skin.html

Selecting disk icons view

To change the skin, select "Skins" in the Settings tree. You will see the list of skins available on your computer to the right. When you select a skin, you will see a bit of information from the author and examples of how various types of information will look if you apply this skin.

After you click ОК, the skin currently selected in the list will become active.

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